ECLL's Opening Day(s) schedule

FRIDAY, APRIL 17 (all games at 6 p.m.)
Major baseball:
Reds at Cubs, Land O'Frost Field.
Major baseball: Mariners at Athletics, ABC Roofing Field.
9 a.m.
Major softball:
Liberty at Mystics, Allstate Field.
Minor softball: Washington Twp. at Wildcats, Estes Chevy Field.
Rookie softball: Blue Jays/Cardinals at Orioles, Rudy's Field.
Rookie baseball: Bats at Hot Rods, Land O'Frost Field.
Rookie baseball: Muckdogs at Owlz, State Farm Field.
Rookie baseball: River Cats at Sand Gnats, ABC Roofing Field.
11 a.m.
Major-minor baseball:
Royals at Pirates, Land O'Frost Field.
Major-minor baseball: Rockies at Cardinals, ABC Roofing Field.
T-ball: Bees at Express, State Farm Field.
T-ball: Grasshoppers at Hooks, Rudy's Field.
T-ball: Lugnuts at Storm, Estes Chevy Field.
1:30 p.m.
Minor baseball:
White Sox at Marlins, State Farm Field.
Minor baseball: Braves/Orioles at Yankees, ABC Roofing Field.

Note: Home team from each game is to provide a volunteer for the concession stand.

Attention: Parents

>>> Dr. James Andrews is the world's foremost authority on pitching-related injuries. He has performed surgery to prolong the careers of many of today's top major-league pitchers.
   Tommy John surgery is a procedure in which the damaged ulnar collateral ligament in the elbow is replaced with another tendon on the body, such as from the forearm or hamstring. It is the most common surgery Andrews performs on young pitchers.
   In a 2012 story, he noted that while he once performed three or four Tommy John surgeries a year on high school athletes, that number had grown to three or four per week.
   Read his message for all Little League parents about overuse injuries.
>>> Click here to see an entertaining video and read what your kids don't want to see or hear you doing at their games.
>>> We even have hints on how to get that grass-stained uniform clean. Yes, there's a plug for a Little League national sponsor there, but before that are some helpful tips.

Russell Wilson still involved in Little League

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson isn't just a football star. A two-sport star in college, he was drafted three times by Major League Baseball teams, most recently by the Texas Rangers, who invited him to spring training this year.

Wilson got his start in the Tuckahoe Little League near Richmond, Va., and he still gets involved with a Little League in Kirkland, Wash. Read this January interview where he talks about his Little League memories.

Video corner

Ever wonder what it would look like to drop from a plane down to Dodger Stadium on a parachute? Wonder no more (Warning: If you should get dizzy, look away from the screen.):

Before you buy equipment for your player

Click on the "Equipment" tab above for information about important equipment specifications, especially concerning composite bats in all age divisions.

Wanted: ECLL board members

Want more of a voice in the running of Eagle Creek Little League? Here's your chance. ECLL is seeking new members for its Board of Directors. Email us with your interest.

Pat Connaughton pitching

Notre Dame's Pat Connaughton is 2-sport star

Some may not know that Notre Dame basketball captain Pat Connaughton, who recently helped his team advance in the NCAA basketball tournament, is skilled at more than one sport.

He also has played baseball for the Fighting Irish, and has since been a pitching prospect in the Baltimore Orioles organization.

Click here to read an interview with Connaughton on his time playing in Little League and on being a multi-sport athlete. (Photo courtesy of Notre Dame Athletics)

Help us keep ECLL clean

Eagle Creek Little League has partnered with Ray's Recycling and Keep Indianapolis Beautiful to keep our ballpark looking great and protect the environment. We need your help, too! Players, coaches and fans should use recycling containers located outside every dugout for plastic bottles and cans. Your garbage should go in one of the many trash cans throughout the ballpark. Please help ECLL by keeping recyclable materials out of our trash cans and by keeping the ECLL complex free of garbage. ECLL thanks Ray's and Keep Indianapolis Beautiful for donating recycling containers and pick-up service during the 2014 season!

Think you know baseball rules?

There are a number of misconceptions concerning baseball rules, especially at the Little League level. Click here to see some of the biggest, perhaps some that you believed.

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